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Silex offers both metal and rubber isolators to accomodate a wide variety of loads and reduce machine vibrations and noise emissions. Current models available are as follows:


spring isolators

spring isolatorsMetal-based mount Available in single and double spring models. Designed for use on stationary generator sets, engine driven compressor sets, engine and motor driven pumps, utility sets, reciprocating compressors, refrigeration machines.

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rubber isolators

rubber isolatorsType M

Rubber isolator Specially designed with a cup-shape recess underneath it that provides high resilience at low loads. Suitable for compressors, electric motors, pumps and refrigerator fans.

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Type RA

Rubber isolator Designed with layer of rubber on underside. Suited for use with combustion engines, pumps, presses and punches, printing equipment, fans and machine tools.

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Type RA EM

Rubber isolator Designed with layer of rubber on underside. Effective for difficult to isolate, low-speed machines such as pumps, combustion engines, rolling mills, converters, and fans.

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seismic isolatorsSilex seismic isolators are designed according to the BOCA National Building Code/1999 and are especially designed for use in zone 4 but used in applications for zones 1-3.


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